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Discover Puerto Vallarta ...

Puerto Vallarta is a door to personal exploration permitting the visitor to discover each place on his own while at the same time generating moments and spaces that will always be latent in his mind and that will make his hearts vibrate. The purpose of this Portal is for the visitor to discover each one of these places while he is still in his planning stage, as well as to be able to contact directly Vallarta’s service providers eager to offer their time, service and friendship through their websites. With the help of our Lodging, Restaurant, Activities, Real Estate, Vacation Rentals, Travel Agents & DMC, and Specializad Services, directories, you may contact many renowned service providers in Puerto Vallarta and thus together with your family, you may start to experience the most fascinating adventure that you could ever imagine possible right here in Puerto Vallarta, the city acknowledged as the “friendliest city in the world”.

majahuasMajahuas, a Lesson in Ecology
Majahuas is about an hour and a half south of Puerto Vallarta..
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